About Hapkido

Welcome to the Korea Hapkido Federation HaeMuKwan news blog. This is where we will be posting articles about the benefits of learning the dynamic self defense are of HaeMuKwan Hapkido. We will aslo be posting news, instructor and black belt profiles and special event announcements. You can visit our official website at http://haemukwan.com

Dear Hapkido Family Members:

Welcome to the Korea Hapkido Federation Haemukwan. I am pleased that you have decided to pursue the traditional martial art of Hapkido and wish you the best in your endeavors.

The Korea Hapkido Federation Haemukwan was formed in 2000 because of the necessity of an association that not only emphasized Hapkido technique, but the virtues of the art and the emphasis of personal development of the students as well. Our wish for students and the members of this Hapkido family is that they will not only grow in their Hapkido technique, but also in their personal and spiritual lives. We are seeking to develop the body in conjunction with the mind and spirit. When one has good physical health, mental clarity and personal happiness they can be of benefit to their family, their country and the world around you.

Hapkido is not a sport. It has great practical benefits for fitness, self development and self protection. As a classical martial art, HaeMuKwan Hapkido’s purpose is to develop every aspect of the self, in order to create a mature person who totally integrates their intellect, body, emotions and spirit. If you are willing to dedicate yourself to the study of HaeMuKwan, you will reap the great physical, spiritual and mental benefits that are a part of its nature.


GrandMaster Richard Hackworth, President / Executive Director

GrandMaster Gary Pointer, Promotion Committee Chairman

GrandMaster James Hogwood, Technical Committee Chairman

Master Darren Norris, Weapons Training Committee Chairman

Master Kevin Huston, Membership Committee Chairman


The principles of HaeMuKwan Hapkido have been the secret living tradition of Korean self-defense, health and longevity for centuries. It’s graceful fluid like movements emphasizes proper breathing techniques, posture and balance. Resulting in complete concentration and relaxation for the practitioner. No other Hapkido system applies the principles of Ki and circular force to this extent. HaeMuKwan Hapkido harmonizes the body’s natural flow of Ki energy with the mind to achieve “Do”.

BENEFITS: For Students: Long Healthy Live, Life Long Physical Fitness, Self-Defense Based Techniques Training, In-depth Studies Of Healing Skills and Advanced Martial Arts Philosophy.

For Instructors, Direct Affiliation With Korean Headquarters, Ongoing Support, Affordable International Certification, FREE Marketing Program, Accelerated Advanced Training Program with Professional Quality Educational Resource Materials.

Don’t forget to join our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/koreahapkidofederationhaemukwan to connect with our martial arts family members worldwide. You can see our Grand Masters in action and watch Hapkido educational videos on our channel at http://www.youtube.com/hapkidoschools .

If you love Hapkido then you will want to be sure to join our community to share and connect with other Korean martial arts enthusiasts at the Korean Martial Arts Community.  The purpose of our community is to share authentic Korean Hapkido techniques, philosophy and fellowship our the founder of Hapkido, Choi Young Sool intend it to be. Thank you for visiting this page. Be sure to like and share your favorite articles.


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